About Us

We are Team of young professionals who just started their, hopefully, promising careers in the Oil & Gas Industry. Group of four people, three of which work for the service provider and one for the oil & gas super major. The website came about as a by product of our cooperation. The thing is that the industry is dominated by experienced 20+ years professionals and it sometimes gets quite challenging for a newbie to get a full grip of what's occurring, in addition to this there is also an introduced factor of abundance of different terms and abbreviations. So in order to cope with this absolutely HUGE amount of words, what we started doing was compiling an excel file with the abbreviations that we came across throughout university and professional development. Provided that all four of us are fairly hard-working people, we ended up with a spreadsheet so big that it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the word document and a new interface was needed. This is when we came up with the idea of a website.